70-284 or 70-236

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I am doing MCSE 2003. I have one question that I have passed 70-270, 70-290 and 70-291 now I am supposed to take paper 70-284 to become MCSA 2003. But if take 70-236 paper, is it will be valid or I will have difficulty if I will upgrade to MCSE 2008
What are the latest versions of all **** related to 70-236? Kindly share your files with us. Thanks.



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    Cheating is wrong.
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    Dear, What do you mean? icon_confused.gif:
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    **** with the questions and answers of the real exam are illegal. If you have any ethics at all, you will stop using **** material and use legitimate study tactics.
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    Mayb you are asking the right question of whether to do 70-284 or 70-236 but asking about illegal material doesn't do for members from this website.You are asking in the wrong place dude.
    Goodluck with ur exams,**** are risky
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