Migrating NT domains to Active Directory 2003

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Let's say you have three NT domains that house only user resources named EAST.MYCOMPANY.COM, CENTRAL.MYCOMPANY.COM, WEST.MYCOMPANY.COM. You then have four domains that hold computer, server, and printer resources. Each of the four resource domains trust the user domains and each of the user domains trust each other.

You'll be migrating the three user domains to AD domains and the resource domains will be OUs in the new network. How should you set up the external trusts during migration so that the users can access the NT resource domain resources. Would each of the resouce domains need to trust each of the new AD domains? Or would all 7 need to trust the new AD domains?

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    Each NT4 domain would have a trust to AD. So when a user gets migrated over, they can still access resources via SIDHistory to any of the domains. At least this makes logical sense. I've never migrated NT4 so take what I said with a grain of salt.
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    It's been a while since I've done one... I'm assuming this is a migration to a completely different domain and not an upgrade...

    At a minimum, there would have to be a trust between the each old NT domain and the corresponding new AD domain to be able to run the migration tool, and trusts between each of the AD domains and each of the resource domains for the users to continue to access the resources.
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