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9. Which category of UTP cabling is minimal required for 1000BaseT networks?

a. Cat. 3
b. Cat. 4
c. Cat. 5
d. Cat. 5e
e. Cat. 6

Answer(s): d. Cat. 5e
Your Answer(s):

c. Cat. 5

1000BaseT runs at 1 Gbps and requires Cat 5e or higher.

My CiscoPress book says that Cat 5 is sufficient for 1000basetT,


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    The "Reccomended" min is Cat 5e for 1000base TX, and if you read RFC's its rated to 100Mb/s however read here

    I would suggest you follow what the ciscopress book says, as cisco will be the one who tests you.
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    It's not rated to run that high but it can. Different vendors use different qualities and tolerances when manufacturing the cable. You will find that many different brands of cat 5 will support 1000BaseT. You will also find some brands that don't. You may also find that stretching the distance out to 100 meters may cause attenuation and a high BER on cat5. The shorter the run the higher the probability that your cat5 will support 1000BaseT signalling requirements.

    Any brand of cat5e will be compatible with 1000baseT at 100 meters.
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    5e is a better answer, and if you would get this question with both 5 and 5e as an option you should choose 5e.

    They are not wrong either, all cat 5e is a cat 5, but not all cat5 is a cat5e...

    Note that Cisco Press and the author of the book are not the ones who write the exams... However, based on what is in your book, I don't think they will give 5e as an option. Is 5e even mentioned in your book?
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    The authors are not Cisco systems, however they are edited by cisco systems, I work with a CCIE who proof reads some of the books, once written they are sent to different people, however they do slip through the net! :),

    I just checked my Cisco Press (640-607 so its an old one) and it has that question but no 5e answer!
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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    Cisco exams, certifications, and courses are created and handled by a third-party corporation, not by Cisco systems (that is what Cisco systems told me 4 years ago). Obviously and logically they are involved though. I'm not trying to start a discussion about this topic, nor am I interested in it, I was just trying to point out that if the Cisco press book says X it can still be Y on the exam, depending on the exact wording and details given in the question.
    I just checked my Cisco Press (640-607 so its an old one) and it has that question but no 5e answer!
    As I expected, and wrote in my previous reply... but as y'all know I don't write/re-write actual questions, I write original questions based on the topics of which I know 'could' be on the exam (based on having done the exam myself, or just looking at the exam objectives, indexes of study guides etc.). They are meant to practice, to test your knowledge, to point out weak areas, not to provide anyone with the answers to the actual exam questions.
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