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I'm a Computer Management student specializing in Network Engineering and I think it's time to start getting into certifications.

I just started studying for my MCSE out of the blue yesterday. I managed to study for a good three hours before retiring. I tried to do it today, but I fell asleep before the second hour.

I need a game plan to study smarter. I have books for the 70-270, 284, 290, 291, 293, 294, Security+, A+, and testout navigator 70-270 simulator. I used these books in school and I've learned good things from them, but I don't know where to begin. I did study my Security+ and some of my 70-290 today, but I need a better plan.

How do I figure out what to study day-to-day and how not to fall asleep? How long should I study everyday? I don't even have the money to take my exams to get the MCSE as of now. Is it wise for me to do this as of now? I'm only doing it to be prepared for when I do take them and to expand my knowledge in IT.


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    I wouldn't move too far beyond a single exam until you can pay for it and take it. Try mixing up your studies to keep you awake. Do a mix of hands-on lab work, reading, CBTs, practice exams, etc. You don't need to use every type of resource, but the more variety you have, the longer it'll keep your attention.
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    Unfortunately that is a question that you will have to answer for yourself as everyone learns at different speeds and through different will find what works for you by trial and error.

    I would however suggest that you stick to one exam prep at a time and you would be wise to take advantage of the free resources on sites like this (if you pm me I will be happy to provide you with another good resource). Choose an exam to start with, even if it is the A+, and outline a study plan that you feel you can accomplish, then trim it by at least 10 to 15% to keep you motivated. Anyone can say that they will read 5 chapters a day,...just like someone can read only 5 pages a day (and try to convince themselves that this is real progress).... but the key is to challenge yourself so that things do not grind down on you and leave you running in place. Write your schedule in your day planner or on a wall calender and hang it in a highly visible place. Tell a peer or friend what you plan to accomplish and that you are taking it seriously so that there is accountability to someone other than just yourself. I would even go as far as to make a self proclaimed "mission statement" for what you wish to accomplish and be sure that it is put in writing (BIG LETTERS, PERMANENT MARKER) and visible to others who would inquire how your progressing or even if people just ask "what is an A+ exam?" This sounds silly and even ridiculous, but believe me it works. Remember, you are your only limit. There will always be outside distractions and personal issues..... you can never control that, but you can control how you respond to them! Good Luck.
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