Road Map to the MCSE?? What order to take the tests?

Hi everyone. I've just completed my 70-270. From what I can tell, the 70-290 is the next logical step.
But what I'm wondering is, what is the most logical path/order to complete the exams?


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    I have not taken all of the exams yet, so others opinions should obviously carry more weight than mine. My certification path is listed in my signature and was recommended to me by an MCT, and my learning seems to have flowed/progressed nicely. The key is to choose a path and unless you have a really good reason to change it, stick to it. Everyone has their own opinions and will tell you that their way is best, but it is YOUR cert path, not theirs.
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    jnwdmb wrote: »
    Everyone has their own opinions and will tell you that their way is best, but it is YOUR cert path, not theirs.

    Couldn't have said it better.
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    I really need to understand what your long time goals are in IT. Engineering vs. administration vs. application support? Where are you heading? Generally your SMB IT guy is required to handle infrastructure, servers, desktop and any specialized applications too.

    Here is a random path I just BSed for you... I figured you are are gonna want to update to the 2008 version of the exam too, so I BSed a path for that too.

    70-620 >> 70-270 >> 70-290 >> 70-291 = earns MCSA 2003

    70-293 >> 70-294 >> 70-297 = earn MCSE 2003

    70-284 >> 70-285 = earn MCSE: Messaging

    70-298 >> 70-299 >> 70-351 = earn MCSE: Security

    70-649 >> 70-647 = earns MCITP: Enterprise Administrator ("MCSE 2008")

    70-236 >> 70-237 >> 70-238 = earns MCITP: Enterprise Messagine (Exchange 2007)

    70-431 >> 70-443 >> 70-444 = earns MCITP: Database Administrtor

    then you will have a rounded basics of the Microsoftness. Add in soem Sharepoint, SANs and VMware and you'll be set. Then can can start in on the higher end Microsoft Certifications

    Of course you are gonna want to add in Cisco and Linux... I won't get started. :)
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    Thanks guys. I wasn't exactly asking for an IT certification path to awesomeness. ;) Just the route most followed for MCSE. If I had to guess, I'd have bet on what aordal and jnwdmb said.

    Daniel333, as far as long term goals...that is still to be determined. I was in the army for 4 years. I worked with General Dynamics in Afghanistan supplying sipr and nipr data/voice to all of our nodes in the country. Lots of networking, and troubleshooting, support...etc. Then I get out the army, and I take a few steps back doing desktop support. (tear drop) I now work for a small company, with my office having all of 2 IT guys: Me and my boss. Its nice because I do EVERYTHING. From fixing MOFO printers and supporting users, to working the servers (exchange, iis, active directory, yada etc...) But my qualm is that I'm becoming a jack of all trades and not really focusing on 1 or 2 things. I'd like to be THE guy for 1 or 2 things. But...I dunno. Just rambling. I'm still not sure what I want to do...long term. But the MCSE is a start. I figure I'll jump on the CCNA next. And see what I want to do from there.
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