Sitting for 70-290 tomorrow morning

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I've lurked the forums for awhile but figured to take a study break and register to post. I'm scheduled to take the exam tomorrow mainly based on my hands on experience and reading through the Syngress Shinderbooks 70-290 MCSA/MCSE Study Guide. Reading through everyone's posts has me getting motivated and ready.

Its been a few years since I did any cert testing. Main area I feel unsure of is how the simulator questions work and how many there are on average.


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    When I took the exam, I had 5 sims. If you've worked with Server 2003 or set up a lab, you should do just fine. Otherwise, the sims might turn out to be a little difficult.
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    Passed the 70-290 yesterday with a 920/1000. Ended up with 43 questions and 5 simulators. I think the large number of backup, disk management, and permission questions helped me. Ended with with around 3 IIS 6 questions which I think I blew. I didn't study much on the topic and don't deal with IIS at my job.

    Good luck to others in the future. Guess I'll move on to the 70-291 next.
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    Congrats. What study material did you use?
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    Congrats, and great score!!
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    Good Luck with THE BEAST!!! (eerrie piano music plays in background)...

    Nice score too!!! Im sitting it in 2 weeks time...
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    Congratulations on the pass, and good luck with the Beast. icon_thumright.gif

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    Congrats! Good luck with the beast. Study extra hard on DNS and DHCP, that's like 1/2 of the test right there.
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    Thanks everyone for the congrats. My main study material was the MCSA/MCSE Study Guide for Exam 70-290 from Syngress Shinder Books ISBN: 1-932266-60-7. Overall I think its well written and helped me focus on the test topics. Honestly on hands on experience probably helped more then anything else for me. I've dealt with Win2k3 for the last 3 years most days of the week.
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    Congrats on the pass, that's a score to be proud of, especially with the amount of questions you had!
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