Running the ESX FLEXlm license server on Linux

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This isn't particularly useful but somebody out there might be interested. You can run the VMware FLEXlm license server on Linux or any other system that can run WINE. I've not yet tried to see if I can get full VirtualCenter running.

You need the lmgrd.exe and vmwarelm.exe files from a Windows installation and your license file. Just run the following command and it'll start up the server and log the output.
wine lmgrd -c ./vmware.lic -l /var/log/vmware-lic.log

Obviously this is unsupported by VMware.


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    I'm sure someone will find it useful. Surely eventually they'll support hosting licensing service on linux.
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    How useful really though? Do you know anyone who splits their license server to a different machine from vCenter though?
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