70-294 Passed :D

Well I've done it this time around. Score of 769, 2 bars completely full, 1 almost full, 1 at 75%(ish) and 1 not too great :)
The strange thing is my bars this time around are almost a mirror image of what I got first time.
I'm really glad to have this one out of the way, there are a lot of very subtle aspects to the questions in 294 that completely alter the answer you're looking for. Things like needing multiple redundancy for GC's and having to sacrifice your Infrastructure Master to do it, but that being ok cos you're only running a single domain. If you're like me and tend to scan questions for keywords help make your decision then missing one of these aspects can send you on completely the wrong path.
The only other major lesson I've learnt here is not to try and do an exam 2 days before a funeral, it really does nothing for your concentration :D

Anyway, that's it over and I'm on to 298 now which will be my last one before the MCSE :D


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