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Anyone ever use these people at all?


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    After one of their smarmy sales people called me at my shop and said "We guarantee you can pass your employees can pass their A+ exams in 16 weeks for only $900!" I had my doubts....
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    I used them once as a part of a trial program for my work in the UK, in my opinion a waste of time. You'd be better off hitting the books I think, as for the online mentoring they offer, I received better answers to my questions by posting them here.

    Just my opinion though, and I may have had a bad experience with them, which doesn't reflect what they're really like.
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    SmartCertify Direct has been advertising with me for over 4 years and without them I wouldn't be able to run in the way I currently do. As any of you probably know already, I'm quite picky when it comes to accepting advertisers (I deny most of them actually). This means I always spend a couple of hours on potential advertiser's products before I accept them, just to check if they meet my personal standards. In case of SmartCertify it was easy, cause they provide a very decent product (that and the fact promotes them as well ;)). Their courses are quite detailed and provide good coverage (better than most books) of the exam objectives. It's important though that you complete the entire course and have the discipline to do so. I read some user comments on various websites, and it looks like those who bought it, don't have problems with the technical content.

    To prepare for an exam, I prefer to use 1 or 2 books and a good set of practice exams. But I don't see SmartCertify Direct courses as an alternative to that. Rather, it is an alternative to a classroom intructor-led course (which a huge amount of people prefer over a self study method such as a reading a book). In that context I really think they offer a good product.

    Just like with CBTs (as well as reading a book/self study), it isn't suitable for everyone. But that's why you can try out their free courses...
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    i used it before i didn't really care for it much.. it was like an expensive pdf. i prefer more interactive products that have audio to support the learning process.
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