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Hey folks...I know there are a lot of posts already on this exam so I will try not to sound too redundant. I mostly just wanted to say hello to the community and get my feet wet on the Security+ forums.

I noticed that the consensus for studying for this exam has been to use Sybex and Syngress materials. I have only Sybex books. I received the Sybex kit from a 5 day/8 hours each day class I took the first week of Dec. '08. The class came with the SY0-101 certification kit (3 books: the 3rd edition study guide, security+ fast pass book, and the security administrator street smarts book). I wont go into detail on the class save to say that it was good and I learned a lot.

During the course the instructor also gave us a virtual exam engine called *********. Has anyone used this tool and if so what are your thoughts as to how much it helped prepare you for the exam?

I have been reading all of the technotes (very good stuff...thank you guys for those) and I have been doing the assessment test, the chapter tests, and the bonus exams 1 & 2 from the Sybex books, and the ********* exams over and over. I have also been typing out some of my own notes based on areas where I miss certain test questions and reading the Sybex study guide chapters that I find I am weakest in....also taking my own notes based on those awesome technotes.

I haven't used any other guides or study engines or exam preps besides what I find for free on this site and what I already have from the class I took. I honestly can't buy anymore study material for this exam so I am putting all my hopes on what I have already and what I read here and anywhere else I can find useful information at so anyone's opinion on the study materials I have and how I’ve studied would be greatly appreciated. I have been passing all the exams I have and I feel pretty good about it but whenever I do those test questions on this site I get thrown off and find that I am obviously missing something. Not to mention the "weird verbage" reports on the exam from everyone has me freaked out.

So there is my story…any encouragement will be much appreciated! Thank you all for your input!

Oh...I'm not sure if my certs will show at the bottom like everyone else's so here they are: MCSE 2003, ITIL. I am planning on getting my CCNA after passing the Security+ exam. Back in 2002 and 2003 I took a couple courses for the CCNA and I didnt pass the exam but I did learn a lot and now I think its time to go for it again. :)


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    First off, the ***** resource is a **** or a spam resource. Check it at Search and educate yourself about **** at CertGuard - Braindumps

    Those (legitimate) resources should certainly be sufficient, but it all depends on what you do with them (i.e. skimmed them vs. making flashcards and reviewing those). If you do want legitimate practice tests, look at Transcender, STS, and/or Prep Logic.

    The certs show up on the left. Some of us just decided to be "different" and put them in our signature.

    Finally, welcome to the forums :D
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    Every time I read a story about an "instructor" handing out brain ****, it really makes me want to hurl. GAH!

    daveinSD, I'm not picking on you, I'm picking on the instructor who is supposed to be educating you and helping you to pass, not handing out brain **** that cause you to lose your cert. Do check out those links that dynamik posted above, and for the sake of anyone else who takes that class, get back in contact with that so called instructor and make sure they know what it is that they're telling people to use. If he/she already knows that it's a brain ****, then well...just get the heck out of there and never go back there again, and warn anyone you know who wants to go there for training! At that point, if it were me, I'd make a formal complaint, because that's just horse-pucky that someone would knowingly tell their students to use that crap. Grr.
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    Hey thanks guys for getting my back on that. I did the search as recommended and yes it turns out that it was a brain ****. Now I feel kinda lame but glad that you guys are here to help so...thanks.

    Thats frustrating too because I really thought I was doing things right. At the same time, though, as I was studying using that "brain ****" software I still used the "legit" tools and I have been reading my study guides to reinforce my understanding of it all so I dont feel too sheepish. But at the same time the thought of being "de-certed" scares the be-jezuz out of me so...thanks again for pointing that out.

    I will be getting in touch with the instructor I had for this course. But it should be noted, in his defense, he was a good instructor and he definitly knew his stuff. I learned quite a bit and he was no slouch by any means. But I also understand the frustation you mentioned and why you have the concerns you do as I have them too. That being said....I will do as you suggested and I will be contacting the instructor.

    Thank you guys for all your help. I will be posting again later to let you guys know that I passed (hopefully). :)
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    Report the instructor handing out ****. It's a crime on the entire certification industry. It does nothing to prepare you for the job, and it devalues the certifications to employers.
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