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I've having a bit of a struggle deciding how to pursue my next move in IT. I want to remain on the desktop/admin side of things but I'm faced with some tough questions.

I'm kind of tired of the same old, grab a book and try to pass a test routine of things. I want to go beyond knowing the basics to knowing what happens behind the scenes, it's what seperates then men from the boys. I like to know the intimate details, I just feel that all this certification is giving us the basics and not the true explanation of what's going on. I want to be able to disect an issue, not just try A, B and C and then have no where else to turn.

Most books available seem to be nothing more than an empty shell or a "primer" for passing a test. I want to be able to take a simple task in Windows or Windows Server 2003 and be able to tear it apart bit by bit and know what's going on, not just "well, I tried A, B, and C...let's reboot or just reinstall the OS.

I thumbed through dozens of books today, and they were either too general or way to "software programming" oriented, or the same old "buy this book and pass a test" type. Anybody else out there feeling that the cert books are setting us up to "barely get by".

I know most people are reading this and saying "so what does this guy want and why is he asking us". Well,I put it like this, I'm tired of working in a call center environment. I want to be a network/desktop admin, but I don't want to be just another MCSA, I want to have those fine details tucked away and "really know how it works".

I'm tired of the "buy this book to pass a test" materials that are available. I want to really know a technolgy and that helps me pass the test, not some exam cram type thing. Anyone have any good book recommendations on Windows XP, Server, TCP/IP, DNS, and Email?

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Todd Baugh
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    There are several good books that describe TCP/IP in extreme detail. It shouldn't be hard to find one. If you want the nuts and bolts on networking protocols and utilites, I suggest you start here:

    As for Microsoft stuff, you're probably out of luck. Windows is proprietary software and they do not have to tell anyone the details of how their product works. If you really want to take apart an OS to see how it ticks, try Linux.
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    I'm considered looking over RFC's, they are just too dry for me, but that site was very organized.

    I'm basically looking over several books as "alternatives" to the certification books that are out there. I looked over several books, mostly specializing in TCP/IP and some of the "hacker" books was more of an under the hood type thing. One book, which I should have purchased gave descriptions of all the services that by default run on XP, what they do, etc. It was pretty cool info.

    I really don't wanna be A+ certified, but I like the OS part. Building my own machine would be cool, but it's hard to use that in the workplace. Both companies I worked for would just call in Dell or just replace the parts and be done with it.
    Todd Baugh
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    For TCP/IP check out the 2 volume Cisco Press set by Jeff Doyle. These books will give you an indepth view of TCP/IP.
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    Mastering Windows 2003
    The Resource Kit Library

    a book that digs into the registry
    a book on windows scripting

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