ongoing BSOD

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hello guys, i have this problem at my school where i have an hp 5000dc workstation and it was given to me because it has a bsod, so i got the original manufacturer cd's and reinstalled the OS, now after installing or in the middle of installing the OS, it gets the BSOD again...... i really havent checked the code but i have done this 3 times and bsod everytime i finish installing xp or in the middle of installing.... im beginning to think maybe the HDD itself needs to be replaced.... any input would be great. thanks


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    Run memtest86 and check the RAM first.
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    Start with mem86 as stated above. Let that run for an hour or more. I have actually let mem86 run overnight only to have it error out on it's 7th ot 8th pass.

    Then scan with Drive Fitness Test (DFT) for Hitachi/IBM and do a full scan.

    If both those pass get back to us with the error code.
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    You can bet the farm it's hardware related and not software if you're restoring the factory CD's and you still get them.
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    Did you do a long format or quick format on the drive? Always do a long format. It's a good QA step and will save you lots of trouble.

    Memory errors are the most common.

    Next time you should check the minidump files if possible for BSODs before you reinstalling the OS.
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