Security+ vs MS 70-299

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Ok so I just finished the MCSE (w/the 70-298 ), finally. Now I understand I have the option of taking the 70-299 or the Security+ to attain MCSE 2003; Security.

I would prefer to take the Security+ because it's already on my list, but I’d rather wait till the SY0-201 comes out so I’m updated. Also, I think that 70-299 would be easier since I’m in the MS *zone.* Plus I have the CCENT 640-822 I have already started studying for.

Any thoughts either way? I’m more interested in Security, but I think the CCNA will do more good on the resume which I think should take priority.

Has MCSE 2003: Security gotten anyone noticed on a resume?


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    I don't have any answers for you....but I have just taken the 298 and the 299 to achieve my MCSE. I am now debating to take the Security+ as I am in the "security" zone, or to start on my CCNA as it is an area that I am lacking.

    I guess the real question is, do you want to get into the security arena? If you are looking to become a Systems Administrator, or perform in that role, then I agree with your thinking about going after the Cisco cert first. Most of the Sys Admin jobs that I see also want Cisco certs or experience with Vlans, and routers. Especially if they are a small shop and don't have a dedicated network group.

    The last few positions that I have had were with bigger companies that had a dedicated LAN/WAN group, so I never had to do any of the networking stuff. This is why I am thinking I should really go after the CCNA.

    If you are looking to get into a security role, then obviously the Security+ cert would be a better path. I was just looking at a Network Systems Specialist - Info Sec position today, and the skills they were looking for were:

    "The preferred candidate will have technical certifications such as Microsoft Certification and/or Security Certification and/or security coursework and experience, as well as experience with and knowledge of some of the major computer security software tools."

    In this case, the Security+ would help!

    Hope all of this helps!

    One more thing, you are correct about being in the MS zone. If you completed the 298 with a decent score, you will most likely be able to complete the 299 with very little additional studying. I studied the 299 book, and took that test first....then never even read the 298 book as everyone said it was essentially the same as 299. 298 = How you SHOULD do it (design), and 299 = How you WOULD do it (implementing). In fact, I took the 299 on Feb 19, and took the 298 on Feb 24. Most people take them on the same day.

    If I was you, I would take a few 299 practice tests, get the second shot voucher, and give it a shot. You might be able to get the MCSE + Security with very little extra work. Then you can move onto CCENT.
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    Have you taken one of the ISA exams? You need two security electives for the MCSE:S:
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