Best Beginner Resources for VMWare Infrastructure?

darkerosxxdarkerosxx Banned Posts: 1,343
We just got a good bunch of VI licenses, so I want to learn how to run VI. Can you recommend any resources for a beginner?


  • RTmarcRTmarc Member Posts: 1,082 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Best resource in the world is the VMware I&C official course. Pretty expensive but very well composed. I'd suggest reading the VCP Exam Cram book. Even though it is geared towards those that have already been exposed to VMware in the past, I think it is encompassing enough to get you on the right path.
  • darkerosxxdarkerosxx Banned Posts: 1,343
    Well I've actually used the free vmware server a lot, just not VI. I'll check that Exam Cram book out, thanks!
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    The good thing about the Exam Cram book is that it is easy reading. Most technical books make you want to claw your eyeballs out after the first ten pages. Dare I say, this one was actually somewhat enjoyable.

    There's another book I forgot about that you should check out.

    VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and Securing Virtualization Servers
    by Ed Haletky. More theoretical and abstract whereas the Exam Cram is more technical.

    Both are on Safari if you have an account there.
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    Good advice from RT; I've gone through both.

    I've heard good things about this as well: Mastering VMware Infrastructure 3: Chris McCain: Books

    I haven't read it myself, but I just went through the Mastering Exchange 2007 book, and it was really well done. That seems like a solid series.
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    Mastering VMWare Infrastructure 3 is the best I've read for just learning VMWare (other than the official VMWare course).
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    Train Signal has some VMware courses to buy, and they're offering 20% off right now.

    Also, this is free, although granted it's not exactly for beginners...

    VMware Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide Downloads
    Good luck to all!
  • darkerosxxdarkerosxx Banned Posts: 1,343
    Nice! Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I've got some reading to do.

    Has anyone checked out the cbtnuggets vmware series? CBT Nuggets: VMware Infrastructure 3 VCP Certification Series

    His voice in the intro free video actually isn't that bad, so I might get that or the trainsignal video series.
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