cannot increase Java memory heap...

snickeredsnickered Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
Router and Security Device Manager in Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System Configuration Example [Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)] - Cisco Systems says that I need to increase the Java memory heap size to be 256MB in order to configure IOS IPS. I follow the document and put "-Xmx256m" in the Java control panel and it still doesn't work. I enter in the values then restart Firefox (tried with IE also) and then visit the SDM. As soon as I go to the IOS IPS configuration screen it says I need to increase the Java heap size. Also, when I look in the Java control panel the value I set (-Xmx256m) is gone.

Has anyone had this issue? Is everyone else able to use the IOS IPS screen?


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