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I just started to learn for 291 exam but my teacher told me to go for 299 first . Do you think it is easier way? Can you give me some info about 299 like how many questions is on this exam. Are there simulations ?
Thanks in advance


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    I haven't taken 299 myself, but I personally think it would be better to do 291 first (and maybe 293 for the certificate/PKI introduction) as 299 builds on the topics introduced in those exams. You're probably aware that the 291 has a reputation for being fairly difficult, but if you check out various posts you'll see that the 299 isn't a walk in the park either.
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    I agree with BertieB. 299 builds on 293 which in turn builds on 291, I tried 299 without having done 293 first and it made it so much harder, I bearly scrapped past on it.
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    if i will do 299 and 291 will i be MCSA or MCSA-S ?
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    only MCSA with those exams. You'd need an aditional security related test after that.

    Agreed, the natural progression of these exams in my opinion is roughly what their numbers are. Although once you get done up to 294, it really doesn't matter after that point.

    270 > 290 > 291 > 293 > 294 > 298/297 > 299
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    To get the MCSA: Security you would need the 270, 290, 291, 299 and either Security+ OR A+ and Net+ certs.

    I would take the 291 first and then take the 293 or do 299. I didn't think the 299 was that hard. the school I was using for practice exams had some wrong answers, which lowered my score some. You might take the Security+ exam before the 291 and 299, it will give you some valuable background.
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    Hi all,
    I did it my way and took 299 today and passed with 981 icon_smile.gif
    It wasn't so bad even i found it less hard than xp one
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    Well, you'll probably find 291 and 293 easier now ;)

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