Microsoft academic second shot, 2nd test after graduation?

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I'm about to graduate and lose all of those wonderful education perks and discounts. I would like to take advantage of the MS academic second shot offer before I do. Does anyone know if you have to technically be a student when you take the test or just when you register for it? I would like to take the first test while I'm a student and then if I need to, do the second shot a week or so after graduation (in case I don't have enough time to study during finals, and yes I've been procrastinating). I know I could probably "get away with it" since my ID would still be current, but I absoultely don't want my test invalidated if they find out.



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    Easy way to find out :)

    Click on 'Regsiter now' and you get the following

    I will need to show proof of student status (a student identification card or proof of class registration) or proof of academic institution employment to the test center administrator in order to take my Microsoft Certification exam registered for under this Academic Second Shot promotion.

    Since you have to show the ID at the test center you probably have to be student at that time. Showing the ID even though you have graduated would be considered fraud. What the implications are, I don't know.
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    Hmm. Thanks for the answer. I saw that and was thinking that, when I register, it's true. Student IDs are usually good until the end of the month so it would be current too. I think I'm just going to wait a few months and take a fun class at a community college after I've had enough time to study properly. This kind of thing makes me want to go into teaching...
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    Being employed by a high school nets you the academic second shot and other offers?

    Well HOLY CRAP!
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