Book Recommendation - I have some already

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I am using Exam Cram2 study guide and practice questions (101) and the Dulanney Sybex sec+ study guide (201) - any other recommendations? I will not fail this test on my first try. Going for 201 I think, but my books are mixed. That is making me feel uneasy at this stage.
Please chime in!


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    The Sybex book is very good and the Exam Cram is not bad. If you are going to add any book I would add the Syngress book. It goes deeper in depth than you really need but it is also more interesting to read. I found that the Syngress book covered a few topics much better than the Syngress book which seemed to skim over them. I think the Syngress book and the Sybex book compliment each other. The Exam Cram 2 book also served me well but only after I had a fairly good understanding of what was going on. Don't forget the TechNotes on this site. They are very good.
    Going for MCSE:security, Intermediate ITIL, PMP
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