Frame-Relay: LMI DLCI status means what ?

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What does the DLCI status tell me about a frame relay PVC, and where the responsibilty for acheiving that status comes from ?

For example; In a simple point-to-point scenario, ff a DLCI is advertised as "Inactive", which of the 4 components is most likely to be the problem: local router, local switch, remote router, remote switch ?

Is there a logical way to determine the possible reasons for DLCI status to be either active, inactive, or deleted ?


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    you have to remeber that the DLCI only has local significance. if the DLCI says inactive, then its between the dte and dce. do a sh frame pvc on the router and if you are using a cisco as a frame switch, do a sh frame route, that will display all the DLCI connections. send me your running configs and i can take a looksy, i just did a HUGE fr lab with 5 ciscos and two ciscos as a fr switch and a token ring on the cisco router acting as a switch. the configurations and tsing is quite cumbersome if you dont have your administrative ducks in a row.

    hollar back and keep me posted on your progress
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    its used to id yourself(router) to the local frame switch and the host your connecting to.. in majority its used when u have a host site that is a multi-point end for remote sites to connect to. the lmi is the link mangement, there are a few diff ones that are used mainly ANSI and CISCO is what u mostly will see. also remember when using frame relay there are 2 types, CISCO and IETF( which means u connecting to a non Cisco equipment) hope this helps and not confuse u any more than it can be icon_cool.gif

    concerning the pvc when using a dlci it makes it permanent, if memory serves me.. icon_confused.gif when information needs to be transmitted it would create a temp circuit connection for the transmit and close it after finishing(SVC)
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    From Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 3 and 4 Companion Guide 3rd Edition pg 563:

    Three possible connection states appear in the Frame Relay map table:

    Active state - Indicates that the connection is active and that routers can exchange data.

    Inactive state - Indicates that the local connection to Frame Relay switch is working, but the remote router's connection to Frame Relay switch is not working.

    Deleted state - Indicates that no LMI is being received from the Frame Relay switch or that no service between the CPE router and Frame Relay switch is occurring.
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    dlci is your router connection id inside providers frs -> it tells the frs on which port your connection in and out. the status could tell u anything from your misconfig router - or the frs misconfig. sometimes your config is correct but the frs config is wrong, vice versa.
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