Network+ 2007 subnetting questions

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I've been visiting, but this is my first post. I hope to take the Net+ 2007, either the 21st
or 28th. I've been anxious about what may be on the test as far as subnetting. I've got the premise and basics of subnetting down, but it takes me a while to figure out the number of subnets/hosts, mask etc. With a time limit, I can't afford to take a lot of time on any one question. Those of you who passed Net+ 2007, what was your experience with subnetting questions? Were there more or less than you expected? Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    Did you look at the objectives? You don't need to know how to break subnets down. That's more of a CCNA level. Just know your Classes and APIPA stuff.
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    Dont worry about subnetting. Like the other poster said know your classes also know what private ip ranges. 192, 172, 10 that kinda stuff. Good luck.
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    Read the objectives. CompTIA Certification Exam Objectives

    Know why you should subnet and what benefits/drawbacks it has + the things listed above.
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    You will do great man. You are prepared, always remember to think positive, and never give up during the exam!
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    Thanks very much for the advice and encouragement. It's great to have a site like this for questions, and to encourage. Much appreciated!
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    Know the Class A, B, C ranges, hosts, total networks. APIPA address. You probably won't see intensive subnetting questions for this exam....the 291 is another story.
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