failed today ccna with 740 score ospf questions killed me

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i dont know exact number but there was 7-8 questions that related with ospf ..


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    Sorry to hear that. I'm sure you will pass it the second time around.
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    my problem was ..i trusted boson ..i only solved boson questions ..and they were far far away from being realistic..simulations questions was too easy i was getting %85-%90.. i need questions that is more realistic..
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    Better luck next time! I found the same thing about thte practice exam sims, almost all of them were pretty easy in comparison.
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    don't worry about it, I know a bunch of people who failed CCNA the first time around. Its a hard test.
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    From what I heard from people who failed once and re-took the CCNA exam and passed it, they suggested that study hard and practice well in the topics that was difficult on the exam, in you case OSPF, and try to re-take the exam right away if possible within a week or 2. Don't wait too long before you take it again. Because at this time you have a fresh memory of the exam and it's easy for you to recall it when you study.

    Good Luck!
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    honestly i wasnt expecting to much ospf .. because i was thinking Wan questions can hit me so i worked isdn mistake .. icon_confused.gif
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    Better luck next time..... HAng in there
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