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Hi Guys n Gals, not quite sure where to put this, so thought I'd drop it in here.

I'm currently in the middle of an Audit\Mapping\Renaming exercise of our cisco kit and as a part of that process I need to both apply an asset and information label.
The asset tag isn’t so vital as it doesn’t matter where these go. However we need to be able to see the info label, now the problem we have on some of our sites (around 90 sites) it is not possible to get to the back of the devices without physically removing them from the rack\shelf\cabinet etc. so it's not always possible to put labels on the back.

So does anyone know of any labels that can be attached to cisco devices that are either easily applied to the front or in some kind of slip case that can be placed on them?
(I'm think along the lines of HP servers with slide out tags if you know what I mean lol)

Bit of a long shot but thought I'd ask in here, as well as trawl the net for them
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