CCNA Security and 642-825 ISCW

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I recently passed the CCNA security and plan on immediately moving on to my CCNP. I figured I was just going to take the BSCI exam because of other posts I've read. However I just read more about the ISCW and it seems like the ISCW would be the more logical test to take first, having just passed the CCNA Security exam. Does anyone know if it would still be beneficial to start with the BSCI or BCMSN exam. For example if you know that the ISCW expects you to have a solid understanding of the information gained by studying for BSCI or BCMSN. Thanks for the input.
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    It probably wouldn't be too bad to start on the ISCW, but you may end up going back and reviewing/learning routing concepts and BGP for this exam. IMO you might as well learn meat and potatoes (routing and switching) before moving on to any of the fancy stuff.
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    networker, as usual, makes a prudent suggestion. Routing and switching certainly is the foundation of everything else.

    However, I did what you describe... I completed the NA:Sec, and went right to the ISCW. There is a fair amount of overlap... AAA, ACLs, Remote Connectivity/VPN/IPSec/ISAKMP, general device hardening, etc.

    Either way, you're learning Cisco stuff... always a good thing.
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    Do the ISCW, the material is going to be fresh in your head and your chance at a first time pass will be much higher. I did something similar regarding the ONT and QoS exams. I left the ONT for the last exam of the CCNP then took the QoS exam for the CCIP a month later. 90% of the material was the same.
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    IMO you might as well learn meat and potatoes (routing and switching) before moving on to any of the fancy stuff.

    But at the professional level we trust you make your own decisions (and mistakes) -- so it's still really your call (and starting with the ISCW isn't a mistake).

    If you do start with the ISCW you don't have the "safety net" of both a Cisco Press Self Study guide and an Exam Certification guide. Make sure you keep an eye on the exam blueprint and use the Cisco Documentation (and White Papers) to fill in any gaps between the Exam Certification Guide and the Exam Blueprint.
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