have not heard anything lately

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I have NOT read anything lately from CompTIA concerning Cloud Computing.

Google have already started using it for business like ToysRUs

Also I have seen the mini-laptop PCs in BestBuy - those are for connecting to cloud computing - no internal HDD, no USB ports

So what does that mean to us IT techs who are about to get certified or have already been certified & what about jobs like entry-level?

So what is going to happen to CompTIA & Microsoft (after releasing Windows 7)?

Who will be in charge administering cloud computing & who is going to administer the administrator(s), what about security - rights & permissions, & what about personal/private data like photo pics, video like anime, docs, music for home use...

its like 1984 & Animal Farm or even worse.

its sound like this whole PC is just one enormous filing cabinet & nothing else - cleaning up the clutter on one's desktop like papers, folders, texts, pens etc


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    CompTIA specializes in entry-level certifications for industry-related technologies. Cloud computing is technology is still very new, has a lot of problems yet to be solved, and there are a lot of vendors competing for their standards to be adopted. For CompTIA to offer a certification specifically in cloud computing would be highly unusual and very premature. More than likely cloud computing would appear as a section in a future revision of the CompTIA Server+ cert.

    Microsoft's offering to the world of cloud computing is the Azure Services Platform.
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