I'm relieved.... passed Net+ 2007 yesterday

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I'm relieved to say the least. Yesterday morning I passed the 2007, with a 765. A lot of things had gotten in the way of my study & focus over the past couple months but I forged on and it paid off. Theres no substitute for hard work. The Technotes were a big
help also.

I already have the Security+ SY0-201 learning software and the Emmet Dulaney book from Interactive Sytems. Also my company has an account with Mindleaders, for free online study for a
variety of certs. On the site they have the Security+ SY0-101. The questions is, should I
use both sources, and go for the 101 before July 31st. Or take my time and go for the 201?
I'll be on vacation the first 2 weeks of June, so it might be pushing it to try for the 101 before it retires. I guess I was looking at the lower passing score for the 101, since I really have very little Network experience. (Not counting my old SNA Mainframe days).


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    If you are ready, take it now.

    You'll likely make yourself more anxious the longer it is put off, so if you understand the material covered in the objectives...go for it.
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    After checking the Comptia site, it looks like the passing score for 101 is 764, and 750 for the 201. Not much difference. I already have study sources for 201, so I'll go with that.
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