Passed 290 with 844!!!

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Took it today and passed with 844, really pleased!

The exam itself was MUCH harder than i thought it would be. This could have been because it was quite hot in the small room i was in, also it was situated on a main road with the windows open and the traffic noise was really annoying, i was really struggling to concentrate.

Anyway, i used CBT Nuggets (James Conrad is excellent) and some practise demo transcender questions, and of course the technotes on this site (which are excellent), oh and the practise q's on this site! I had a demo of testout too, but the guy on there nearly made me fall asleep so that was a non starter - I am sure testout is ok - just not for me :)

One of the sims i had was surprisingly detailed, i think i had about 5 all in all. There is a lot of text in some of the questions, and a lot of it doesn't really seem relevant at all. I just made notes on the paper provided and did a little diagram for the scenario and worked it out from there.

I think i had a weird bank of questions too, most people report that they get a LOT on group scopes, but i didnt have that many at all - a bit annoyed really because that it what i spent most of the time studying getting my head round :D - still, at least i know the material which i guess is the whole point.

There was a whole bunch of q's on IIS and some unforgiving one's on permissions - i say unforgiving but again, you just need to decipher what is required and nothing more.

I think i am getting used to MS style of tests and what is required now.

Anyway - thanks for all the help on this site, all the forum posts are invaluable, especially the technotes that have had a lot of time/care spent on them.

On to 291!! eek!!


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    Weird, I would have thought it wouldn't have been too bad for you since you already did 270. How did you feel it compared to that one?

    Regardless, congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks Dynamik!

    To be honest i found it easier than the 270. There was some obvious cross over with the two, such as IIS and especially permissions. The xp exam had much more detail to it with dare i say more to remember.

    I think i just found the 290 harder than actually was because it wasn't what i was expecting, but more to the point the noise was disturbing and i was far too hot. Perhaps if the conditions were better i would have been able to think much more clearly. I found myself reading the questions quite a few times before anything sunk in.

    anyway... decent nights sleep and hit the books again :D
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    Congrats on the pass, good score too icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks! Appreciated! :)
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    Have a couple beers before you hit the books again. You have earned it! :D
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    glad to hear you passed it, hard work does pay off.
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