Which VPN is it?

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HI guys!

Just putting up a check on a decision reached in ma Corporation! We just got some cisco gears(Cisco 2811, ASA 5505's) to establish a VPN connection that would allow both the ASA and Cisco vpn clients on the work station in ma Corporation work remotely.

Which solution would be more suiteable

1. A site to site VPN
2. An Easy VPN

The ASA would be at branch offices! while the Client VPN would be used by some executives remotely logging in to the network. icon_neutral.gif


  • Ryan82Ryan82 Member Posts: 428
    If the remote clients will be mobile then you want a remote access solution such as the ez vpn server.

    In a site to site vpn you have to set peer ip's for each end of the tunnel which would be difficult if the ip the client is coming from is constantly changing.
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