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IM a student and downloaded the pdf notes but which part should i focus onthe most i know the basics should i focus on all or what?And will these notes alone and a book from school help me pass the n10-003 exam?


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    I would suggest some sort of test prep software. Take a practice test and focus on what you do worst in (then repeat). Also, get some hands on. Make a small test lab to practice what you've learned. You can get consumer routers and switches cheap. Have fun and play. It will be the easiest way to make the info stick.
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    Get the exam objectives and make sure you can answer / do what they ask.
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    Psoasman wrote: »
    Get the exam objectives and make sure you can answer / do what they ask.



    The stuff that is important is ALL in the objectives.
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    I am taking the test Monday afternoon, all I can say is know it by heart! Take the tests here and on ProPros if you need something free. Get a study book that comes with a test CD.
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    yea i mean i am laerning as much as i can and wanna succeed
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