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I am trying to build a home lab for CISCO Voice and was wondering if there is a way to build a simulate PSTN. using CISCO Hardware and Cards

Could you please share your experiences on how did you go about using PSTN?



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    I started with a 4 line analog PSTN simulator and the Ascend MAX I had used for ISDN (it also had 8 T1s). But then I built out my PSTN cloud with Cisco hardware and analog/digital interfaces once I figured out what I was doing.

    Still haven't gotten a red phone to use as my 911 call center(s).
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    Hi Mike,

    Are you able to post a copy of your 1760 PSTN cloud config to be used as a template or reference? I'm heading down the same route with a 1760 as well (it has a faulty fastethernet, so a good way to reuse it), currently fitted with 2MFT-E1, 1MFT-T1 and a PVDM-256K-20. Would like to replace the T1 with a 2MFT-T1 and add a 2FXS for 000 (911 services). But I think I'm restricted to 3 PRI and 2 FXS.

    Managed to get 1760-1760 E1-E1 working, after working out the bizare TDM clocking command both ends and a having faulty cross-over cable (it still showed L1 as up). Its always an interesting challenge with legacy hardware, oh for a 28x1!

    Any strange configs or gotchas I should be aware of in setting this up?

    Any advice/assistance appreciated.

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    If you follow the link in the link and read down to the bottom of that post....
    mikej412 wrote: »
    You can sneak a peak at NLI's ( PSTN Configuration for their CCIE Lab Workbooks (and Voice Technology Labs) for some hints. They use a single newer router as their PSTN, but you do get even more practice configuring 3 (or more) cheaper routers to do the same work. :D

    I used that NLI configuration as an example of what could be done -- and then did my own to match my PSTN Cloud hardware and what I was doing at the time.

    If you go to Cisco | CCIE Voice Online Rack Time | Self Paced Training | CCBOOTCAMP you can check out their topology and hardware used by following their links on that page.
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    Thanks for that info Mike.

    I've just completed CCNA-Voice and now working through CVoice6, but always looking one step ahead for what I'll need next. That way, when I need it, I've already got it.

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    1760s work great – I used a couple of them with some FXS, MFT-T1, and MFT-E1 cards to simulate the PSTN - Recently added an IAD2431-16FXS which has taken over the analog POTS side of the telco cloud – Still using the 1760s for network side PRIs though.
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