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We have about 6,000 mailboxes in our hospital environment. We use Hitachi Archivas email journaling for electronic discovery, but also need an archiving solution to reduce the size of Exchange datastores. Symantec Enterprise Vault is the best candidate at the moment. At my previous job, we used GFI mail archiver, but since our clients were small firms, I don't know how it performs in somewhat big environments. We also consider Google mail archiver, which would archive our emails in the "cloud".

Are there any other products worth looking at?



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    Enterprise Vault is pretty good and probably has the best feature set and integration with Outlook. I haven't used anything else other than demo versions.
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    Enterprise Vault and Mimosa Systems are the only two I'd consider for enterprise deployments. Mimosa Systems is interesting because it doesn't have the overhead of journaling since it uses log shipping, and can be used to improve DR capability, but Enterprise Vault is the better pure archiving product, not to mention it can archive things other than Exchange, such as file servers and Sharepoint data.

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