TR - 10 cool features in Office 2010

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Check out Tech Republic's list of 10 cool features in Office 2010:

10 cool features to look forward to in Office 2010 | 10 Things |

The ones I'm most interested in are Outlook and OneNote improvements.

The simple Outlook improvements coming out in Office 2010 are things you can live without, but really cool when added. I think my favorite improvement to Outlook is going to be the out of office warning, where it warns you when you're typing an e-mail to someone that has their account set to out of office. That is one improvement that will save me hours of wasted time per year.

The improvement I'm looking forward to most in OneNote is linked documents. I use OneNote a lot for work and school and being able to see linked documents within OneNote will be a great help. I link tons of documents within my notes and looking back at a document I wrote months ago and seeing documents I have no clue about ends up wasting my time trying to find the one(s) I want. This goes for web pages and embedded documents. Great to hear this will be added.

What are your favorite improvements you're looking forward to in Office 2010?


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