cisco 2610 Frame Relay?

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Hi Cisco crew,

i was thinking of getting a 2610 for a frame relay setup. will i still need a TRANSCEIVER? please let me know if this is a good router for it or any suggestions on what to get to complete frame relay.

thanks and god bless


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    The only built in port on a 2610 is a single ethernet. You'll need WICs or an NM to use it for frame relay. If you want to use it as a frame relay switch you'll probably want to get a NM-4A/S or a couple WIC-2Ts. You won't need a transceiver though.
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    You won't need a transceiver, but you'll have to get one of these: Understanding 4- and 8-Port Async/Sync Network Modules - Cisco Systems

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    you smart people respond quick. many thanks :)
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    zelo30 wrote: »
    you smart people respond quick. many thanks :)

    I got a 2610 with an 4 A/S for a little less than 100
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    im trying to get it under 100.00 as well :)
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    As previous posters have stated... you'll need the NM-4A/S and the 2610 will run perfectly. This is currently what I use as a Frame Relay Switch. HTH

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    thanx for feedback.
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