How to wire T1 csu/dsu WAN ends?

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hey guys
I am getting my lab together and I am making a WAN with T1 csu/dsu cards I have some questions for you gurus.

1. are my cables from T1 card (csu/dsu) cards wired different than cat 5 straight cable like a T1 end wiring?
2. how do I get my WAN ends setup are they serial ends using HDLC protocols?
3. any good help or reference would be great

I have 5 1760 routers and each has a T1 card (csu/dsu) type.
I am setting up like 3 sites and a main corp office
2 1760s at corp office
3 1760s at branch sites(3 total) with a server at each site and Ip phone
I was thinking since my 1760s can only have 2 T1 cards I could have
say 1 T1 card in one (at corp office) and the other corp office router
have 2 T1s. and then I could connect each corp t1 card to each respective branch site T1 card. does this make sense? can I do this?
to creat a T1 line to each branch site from the corp site? and then
I would connect say the 2 corp 1760s with say crossover ethernet?
is this correct or do I need a serial card in both corp 1760s and connect
it via serial cable (dte/dce) type? thanks for your help.



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