Passed BCMSN

CyanicCyanic Member Posts: 289
Ok I did it, 811 and needed 804. icon_cheers.gif

I felt rushed the entire time and to add to that the PC at the testing center kept freezing up. The timer would stop for 5-10 seconds, and then the resume minus the seconds it took. The mouse would move but I could not check or uncheck, click next or type in the console. This happened about 20 times throughout the exam. Very distracting!

Everyone is right, this was on a whole new level when compared to the CCNA. The breadth of the exam and level of detail is what made this one very tough for me. There were a few questions I had to completely guess on and a few others I was not too sure about, but I believe I did the sims correctly, and that is what saved my skin. And whats up with putting the most difficult of the sims right at the beginning; Is this a stress test too?

I am taking a few weeks off Cisco studying and focusing on a much more enjoyable, but still difficult certification, the BJCP. I will then continue on with BSCI.


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