Cisco Switch Question (Repost)

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Sorry about the repost, but I thought it might do better to ask under the Cisco certification board...

For budget reasons we are looking at a non-catalyst POE switches for a very small office. Ideally we will be running through their phones down to the workstation... on a catalyst I would do something like this.

Switch(config-if)#switchport voice vlan XYZ

Does anyone know if the WebView switches support this or do I have to use a seperate port? Such as Cisco SRW224G4P?


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    I have been working with some of the Linksys business class PoE switches for a new VoIP product we are testing. On those switches you can set the port to trunk with the proper VLANs to work with a phone and pc attached. I'd assume that the model you have referred to would be similar.

    I found this data sheet on your particular switch.
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    Take a look at the AdTran PoE switches. I used them in several areas when a Cisco budget just wasn't there.
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