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Hello all.

I have started to use pactet tracer 4 and some of the command that i type in dont work. is that an issue or is it just me.

I am trying to set username on the switch below is my command.

chris(config)#line console 0
chris(config-line)#login local
chris(config)#username test password test

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

i am getting the error message.

any solution

also when i try the transport input telnet ssh the same thing happen


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    Packet tracer 4 is very dated. The most recent version (5.2) added in some CCNA: Security stuff, but not a lot. There are only some basic commands in packet tracer so don't expect all of them to be in there. Your best bet is trying a newer version, GNS or dynamips (requires IOS images), or real equipment.

    *edit* GNS/Dynamips doesn't do alot of switching stuff either.
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