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I have been studying for the ccna for a while now and decided to take a couple of practice tests just to get an idea of where I'm at. One question that I got wrong was asking what metrics does eigrp use, check all that apply. So I did but got the question wrong because eigrp only use bandwidth and delay by default. The question didn't specify and I was wondering if this applies to the actual exam if the question doesn't specifically say "by default" or something like that. Is there a rule of thumb?


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    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

    "By default, only total delay and minimum bandwidth are enabled when EIGRP is started on a router, but an administrator can enable or disable all the metrics as needed."

    So unless an admin has changed it, only bandwidth and delay are used.
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    If it doesn't specify you should assume the ones are used that are used by default. Unless you would receive a question asking you what type of other options are available to configure with the metric of EIGRP?

    Bandwidth (Default)
    Delay (Default)
    Reliability (Optional)
    Load (Optional)

    I ran into this when I was studying for my NA. That I was like huh? But then I went back and re-read that the first 2 are only enabled by default. A network engineer/administrator would have to configure everything to use the other two, so they aren't defaults. Hope this helps you out :)
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    Yes this does help clear it up thank you.
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    Good luck on all your studies :) You'll find this board EXTREMELY helpful, everyone here helped me tremendously with questions when I was preparing for my CCNA.
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    Cisco will normally word it so that you wont run into issues like this one. Practice exams on the other hand, well it feels to me like half of the questions are written in another language and then google translated to english. Not to mention some of the answers in the practice exams are just straight out wrong.
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