How hard is the CCSP? Can I go from the CCNA to the CCSP?

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How hard is the CCSP? Can I go from the CCNA to the CCSP?

Or does it make sense to get something like the CCNA-->CCNP-->CCSP?



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    That is the "usual" or "maybe the best way" to do it.... but since Security can be hard to break into, if you have an opportunity at work (or a firm job offer) to get into Security now, then it makes sense to jump right into the CCSP and "back fill" the CCNP later.

    There is a "icon_confused.gif: CCSP or CCNP?" section in the CCSP FAQ

    Don't forget that the new CCNA:Security is a prerequisite for the CCSP
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    Depends on your job. I went from CCNA to CCVP cause my job dealt with VOIP all day everyday. So it was easy for me to move through the exams as it was things I was familure with. With that being said. If you get a job working with security moving from your CCNA to CCSP will be much easier than acutally going from CCNA to CCNP to CCSP. I say the CCNA is a good basline than the professional certs should be in the area of your employment.
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