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I'm seeing something in my SP that I am not quite if it is normal behavior or not. Here is my scenario:

R1--iBGP VPNv4--R2(Route-Reflector)--iBGP VPNv4--R3

So R2 is the RR for R1 and R3 (VPNv4 AFI) and also establishes and eBGP VPNv4 session with R4 (R2 is eBGP with R4 diagram is showing up wrong). R1, R2, and R3 are all PE routers. R1 advertises a VPNv4 prefix to R2 but R2 has an import map that denies this prefix from entering the VRF. What I am seeing is that the prefix denied in the import map on R2 is not being advertised to R3 but IS being advertised to R4. I realized one neighbor is iBGP and the other is eBGP but why is this happening? I thought import maps were only for manipulating prefixes going into a VRF but does not affect MBGP advertisements. Any thoughts?

CCIE #22769
Routing and Switching
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