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What do you guys think of this lab?

2x, Cisco 2620 Routers. Each Router has one Serial port and one fast Ethernet port.
1x, Cisco 2612 router with 4 serial ports and 1 Ethernet port. This is going to be your Frame-Relay server.
2x, Cisco 60 pin DTE DCE cable for WAN simulation
3 Power cables, 3 rack mounts, 1 console cable, 2 cross over cables (so you do not need switch)

$140 is what the guy is asking
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    The equipment is older and antiquated. I would suggest you use GNS3 versus paying for that lab. I don't think you'd be able to use any of the servers (except the Frame Relay) with future studies due to the IOS. IMHO. HTH.


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