Is this Lab adequate for ICND2 studies ?

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Served me well for CCENT studies but I'm wondering if I'll encounter any issues with ICND2 studies. Thanks for any help.

Routers (all with IOS 12.3 I can get you the exact number if needed)

I've got them currently setup in a WAN triangle configuration with DCE/DTE cables.

2950 (IOS 12.1)
2924 (IOS 12.0)

Console & Telnet access via Thinkpad w/Putty


  • tha_dubtha_dub Member Posts: 262
    I would say the short answer is yes. Depending on IOS and feature sets you should be able to do most things you need to study for CCNA. That being said a lot of people ask if this router or that switch is good enough for a certain cert. I think as long as you can reasonably expect to be able to do say 80% of the material on your hardware and just read/SIM the rest that should do. I wouldn't get to carried away or buy hardware if there was a feature or two I couldn't setup.

    EDIT: This is of course considering you already have that equipment. For someone starting out with no gear you really need to try and guess what cisco path you'd like to follow and try to choose the best hardware for that situation. For instance going voice or wireless will mean different hardware choices....
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