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So, I scheduled my BCMSN for feb 9th. Hopefully it'll motivate me to finish with my studies. I just have to go over some areas (wireless!) and lab it up and I should be good to go.

My home lab is comprised of 3 2950s, 2 3550s, and a 3640. Would it be beneficial to rent some rack space and practice the wireless, or should I be able to hit those through theory alone?


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    I read the title of your post and want to say good luck. You beat me to the punch... I'd have the wireless theory stuff down.

    As for the lab goes, I was able to do all the labs in the Lab Portfolio with the exception of the wireless stuff with 2 - 2950s and 2 - 3550s. As someone said earlier today "Just throwing this out there", I don't think rack rental space is required... I just looked at and understood the theory in the Lab Portfolio Guide regarding wireless configuration.
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    Hey man,

    I don't think rack rental is required. I was able to do everything for the BCMSN on my lab at home. 2 2650xm's, 1 1721, 1 2611xm, and 1 2950 switch. I also used dynamips a lot and used it to simulate most of the switching that is required for the BCMSN. I can say good luck on your exam! So you'll take your first BCMSN attempt 3 days after my 2nd BSCI attempt. :) I hope everything goes well for ya man. Lab it up before the big day. I'm going to be labbing like crazy for the next two weeks until my next try 2/6. Next time Cisco isn't beating me! AT least I hope not! LOL
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    Good luck! I'm working on this exam myself, so I hope to hear you pass and say it was easy >:)
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    Good luck Marc, you should be fine with theory on the wireless. I didnt have any equipment to do the labs either.
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    aordal wrote: »
    Good luck! I'm working on this exam myself, so I hope to hear you pass and say it was easy >:)

    I can tell you it isn't easy. I would say it isn't as difficult as the BSCI. But, I wouldn't underestimate it. :p
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