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In light of the fact that the TSHOOT Cert Guide is released from amazon in the UK 2 days after the TSHOOT beta exam windows closes does anyone have any good recommendations for Troubleshooting books or other resources for the TSHOOT exam?

This has also got me thinking about Troubleshooting books in general. Is there any books you think deserve recognition for their troubleshooting sections either in general or for specific technologies?

I'll suggest the first one: Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols
It should be obvious to all what this book contains. I like this book for it's step by step troubleshooting methodologies for protocols such as OSPF and BGP.

This book doesn't do ipv6 troubleshooting for example so what books do people suggest?

Hopefully this may help some people out who may be lacking in such skills and/or resources icon_thumright.gif


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    Maybe those that have been following Cisco CCNP exam topics can shed some light, but I was under the impression that the Troubleshooting section on the new CCNP was once a topic that was replaced and now re-introduced. If that's the case, isn't there already some material that could be used as supplemental study material?
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    Network Warrior has a few good sections on practical troubleshooting. They're not presented as such under a heading in big lights called Troubleshooting or anything like that, but mainly just notes about problems you may have and what the likely causes are.

    It's hard to really write a book about troubleshooting, because it's not something you can really teach. All you can really do is show the tools used to troubleshoot, but knowing what the right tool to use is for a particular problem is something that's more or less intuitive (ie, you understand the flow well enough that you can narrow it down to the likely root cause in a hurry) or it's a hard won skill learned through hard experience. Sometimes it can be tough to recognize whether an issue is a symptom or a root cause.

    From the blueprint, I like what Cisco is trying to accomplish with the TSHOOT exam, but yeah, I need to get my hands on the book and see how good the material really is. And yeah, I think I'm going to register to go take the troubleshooting exam in the dark. Worst case scenario is I blow 50 bucks, best case scenario is I get a free recert hehe
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    Here's a link on network world with a write up from Kevin Wallace, who wrote TSHOOT official Cert Guide on what the exam is about. I like the fact they are going to make it very tough for dumpers to get a ccnp now but the exam is gonna be a beast.

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