AD authentication question

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Hi all, this might sound like a stupid question, but i have a mind block on what the answer is.

In active directory, Joe User logs onto his PC, then accesses a file share on a server, he is in the ACL in the NTFS permissions, so does the file server need to communicate with the DC so verify who he is or anything? How would it do that? Is it the same deal accessing an exchange mailbox?


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    Kerberos tickets! It looks like you're going a bit out of order and haven't done 291 yet; I believe that was covered in that material.

    Good diagrams on Google.

    Otherwise, Microsoft's page has more detailed info.

    Edit: this might be a little more straight-forward.
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    Aha thankyou for your reply. I have actually done 291, 284 and 293 (havent changed my details here) but 291 is a distant memory at the moment! I think all the studying for 294 has blocked my kerberos knowledge. But i shall brush up, thanks for your help.
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