Question about passing beta exam and reflection on transcript

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I have never taken a beta exam until recently when I took the 579 exam "TS: Windows Mobile 6.5, Configuring"

I did pass the exam as reflected on Prometric and now it shows up now on my transcript. It does not show up yet on the version of the transcript I can download, I cannot create a custom logo for it, and I cannot download a certificate for it. I did receive the official e-mail from Microsoft saying that I passed on the same day it showed up on my transcript online.

I have taken several exams in the recently past and so far every time I receive the email from Microsoft that I passed I have full access to the logo's, certificates, and shows up in the online transcript. I was thinking that it may be a delay because it is a new certification or that there is an issue. I figure many of you have taken many beta's and could share. I will probably email mcphelp by Monday if I don't hear anything from you guys but I suspect you guys know the answer.

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    How long ago did you see the Pass reflected? It can take a week or so afterwards before showing up on your transcript (especially for betas).
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    The Prometric site showed me as passing on Feb 3rd but the Microsoft transcript does reflect the pass now and the exam and cert shows up on my transcript but not on the downloadable version or in other other place. So for example if I share my transcript out to you I can see it there but not on the downloadable xps file or logo's.
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