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    thanks a lot....!!!!
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    isabox wrote: »
    I really appreciate your work. These are great. Is there anyway that yo u can write a tutorial on(how to set up a "t.f.t.p." server, and access the files from the cisco switches, upgrading the IOS). This is just my request, but I think it will help a lot of people.

    Google will help you with "How-To" setup a TFTP server. This link will give you the basics with little/no explanations. Personally - that is I how I learn best!

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    good job, just wanted you to know they are being read.

    i would say to others who havent taken the exam yet, i would say be sure memorize the commands (and what they do) listed under [SIZE=-1]Manage configuration files, and Load, backup, and upgrade IOS.

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    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME NOTES! icon_thumright.gif Have about 7 weeks before exam time.

    Oh, and btw... I didn't sign up on this site to lern gramher and speling icon_lol.gif... again,.. AWESOME job on the Technotes!!icon_thumright.gif
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    Are notes from many years ago still valid?
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    lilmansdad wrote: »
    Are notes from many years ago still valid?
    Yes, true facts usually remain true after a period of time. More commonly, important facts of one time period become obsolete or irrelevant in another--for example, the ISDN section. At a quick glance the other content mostly seems relevant for CCNA study even today.
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    Nice, thanks a lot icon_lol.gif
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    Just wanted to say great job here, some fantastic notes nicely done! Cheers :D
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