DHCP Snooping

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I have a scenario that I can’t test on my lab and neither on live network at work, if anybody has tested this, I would love to know the results.

DHCP snooping – if you have ether channel between switches, what port would you configure as trusted. the logical port channe port or all the ports in the bundle?.


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    Configure it on the logical interface and it will be applied on its associated interfaces.
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    Agreed. Apply it to the port channel.
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    As told to me the other day by a CISCO switching expert (CCCIE).

    In all case set up the minimum config on the physical ports, ie. add them to the channel.

    all other configurations should be carried out on the port channel interface. This will make configs much simpler and straight forward to understand.

    config set on the portchannel are applied to all physical ports in the group, configs applies to the individual ports, only applies locally to that port. so unless you for some reson need different configs on individual ports in the group. Keep all config to the port channel interface
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