Shall I take the A+ exam?

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i have done lots of practise test and read the tech notes with watching cbt nuggets a+ but i still feel nervous taking the exam its expensive! i dont wanna fail again i only missed it by a few marks last time


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    If you have gone through all of that since the last test...and you are scoring high on your practice exams, I say go for it. You should know the areas that you had problems with last time...make sure you have put in plenty of time studying that material.

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    If you don't take the exam, you'll never pass it ;)

    Postponing may help provide you more time to prepare. How frequently do you currently work with the material covered on the exam? Are you working at a store where you are gaining experience 'board' swapping? If you are already prepared, more time will add to the anxiety.
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    from the way i see it...i think you can pass..just dont repeat last time mistakes..miss by a few points..that was the i think you can achieve more than the passing marks..if you just believe..dont be scared just proceed ...
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    Take your time when taking the exam - you have 1.5hrs which is PLENTY ( I did mine in just under 30 mins for A+ Core and 40mins for OS). Just go with your gut instinct and don't change your answers!

    I never marked any of the Q's to review at the end - either you know it or you don't .. read the question and make sure you understand it and then answer it.. most of the time you'll click the right answer right off the bad because your brain works in mysterious ways! icon_smile.gif. If you're spending more than a cpl of minutes on a Q and you're boggled - take your best shot and go on...

    As Plantwiz stated, nothing beats experience working with it - that's how it'll make sense to you.... obviously you have a PC - start ripping it apart and put it backtogether a few times, pay attention to the startup process; go look at the BIOS, etc...
    play with it I say icon_smile.gif

    Good Luck!
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