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In OSPF can you use the redistribute static or redistribute static subnets command to redistribute a default router into OSPF. Or can you only use the default-information originate command.

I think you can only use default-information originate.... Someone else says you can use redistribute static, but when I labbed it up the only way the default route was redistributed was to use default-info.
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    I don't think that individual knows what they are talking about. Redistribute static is to redistribute static routes into OSPF advertisements. The only thing that you can do is use redistribute static subnets to distribute static routes, into OSPF advertisements. So say I have Router 1 -> Router 2 (R1 interface) Router 2 (R2 interface connecting to R1). Then you have R2 connecting through R3 on the subnet R2 has a subnet You could create a static route on R2 to R3's subnet instead of configuring OSPF with the network command to include this in R3's OSPF advertisements.

    R2: ip route to direct traffic to the next hop on the interface of R3 that connects to R2.

    Then on R2 you could use the redistribute static subnets command under the OSPF configuration to advertise this static route to R1.

    But for a "default" route, you use default-information originate. This is commonly confused with many individuals. I would say your right in this case and that individual is wrong.
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    if you create a static default route through the ip route command, technically, it's a static route.

    but you still can't redistribute it with redistribute static
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    One thing to keep in mind is if you use the default information originate command you need an active default route for it to be advertised. So, you may need a combination of both of your sides of the argument in order for a default route to be advertised. Redistributing that static alone does not work though. If you want a default route to be advertised with out an active default in the table then use the default information originate always command.
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