ipexpert topology

acidsatyracidsatyr Member Posts: 111
Has anyone used their tier 3 WB for R&S? If so, how different is topology to INEs (if you used it as well) - specifically i'm interested in troubleshooting section and if it's doable on dynamips ?


    don't know about the topology differences between INE and IPX, however i do believe that you can use dynamips for the troubleshooting part of the R&S lab. Cisco uses a router emulator program too that does pretty much the same thing as dynamips, with pretty much no support for layer 2 tasks. So I believe the troubleshooting section on the real R&S lab exam is strictly layer 3 and 4 stuff, no layer 2 at all, except of course maybe a mis-configured frame relay setup, but as far as advanced switching, I don't think so.

    So you should be good to go with using GNS3/Dynamips for the troubleshooting portion.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your studies!
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